Together we can protect the forest

إنت وأنا منحافظ على الغابة “Sanjoub”

SANJOUB the Lebanese Squirrel

After a huge fire started to spread through the forest, Sanjoub the squirrel escaped to the city on a fire truck that came to his home to put out that fire. He went to the city with a mission, to share his story: “Hey people you are destroying our forests that have been here for thousands of years, before any of us were born. They have provided us with food, shelter and community. My home was an oak forest, however, my relatives and friends used to dwell in forests from the South to the North of Lebanon. The forests were so dense you could barely see the ground. But that was a long time ago. Now more than half of the forests are gone. One by one the trees were cut or went up in smoke. What are you waiting for, we must act now or we will lose all our trees, and our livelihoods.”

AFDC and the US Embassy

The Lebanese version of the “You and I can prevent forest fires” campaign was initiated in an effort to increase awareness among youth and the local community about the damaging forest fires in Lebanon. Since 2009 – 2011 US Embassy supported AFDC to develop a fictional character similar to ‘Smokey the Bear’ of the US and a slogan/message to provide youth and the local community with important information about the environmental, social and economic impact of forest fires in Lebanon.

AFDC and Lebanese Reforestation Initiative LRI through “Lebanon Forest Protection Partnership project”

Environmental Education has always been one of the main pillars AFDC uses to raise awareness and engage the future generations in conserving the environment. Within the project AFDC aims to use multiple methods and tools targeting the youth, teachers, parents, media and others to raise the awareness on environmental protection and education. Sanjoub will be highlighted in several activities. Theatrical show will promote Sanjoub as forest guard. National Sanjoub environmental education day was held on June 5th to celebrate the world environment day. Environmental education stand which included Sanjoub statue sitting on a bench whereby children and adults alike can sit next to it, a big rollup conveying Sanjoub story with big slogan “Help Sanjoub protect forests” and calling all viewer to act in supporting environmental protection as well as a section for pamphlets, posters, stickers and other promotional items.
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