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Q. Does the Genuine ID Act have to have an applicant who wears a head masking for spiritual good reasons to alter or take out the head covering so that the driver’s license or identification card photograph reveals their hair or ears?No.

The Genuine ID regulatory standards for the electronic photograph figure out that some persons could don head coverings for spiritual or other reasons. Nevertheless, this kind of coverings should not obscure an applicant’s facial attributes or generate a shadow. For functions of the photograph, the facial area should really be noticeable from the hairline to the chin and forward of the ears, and be free of charge of shadows. The Serious ID regulation does not demand the exposure of the hair line or the ears.

State Compliance. Q.

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In which can a condition find info on the Genuine ID Act and restrictions?A. Inbound links to the Actual ID statute and regulations, alongside with supporting paperwork, may well be located on the DHS web-site (www. dhs. gov/protected-motorists-license-documentation ) You may well also call the Section of Homeland Protection at REALID@HQ.

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DHS. Gov. Q. plant identification What details does a point out have to have to post to DHS in buy to receive a DHS Resolve of Compliance?A.

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The Serious ID Regulation (six C.

F. R. Portion 37, Subpart E) aspects the information a point out should submit to DHS in purchase to get hold of a DHS Determination of Compliance. Q.

The place should really states looking for a DHS resolve of compliance deliver its certification bundle?A. DHS suggests that jurisdictions submit equally a tricky copy and an electronic duplicate. Mail: 245 Murray Lane, SW Mail Cease 0460 NAC 17-02-208-03 Washington, DC 20528. Q. How does DHS critique a state’s certification bundle?A.

DHS will assessment the facts a state submits and may possibly perform interviews with point out workforce and perform audits or web site inspections as may possibly be essential. In some conditions DHS may possibly make a Preliminary Willpower of Noncompliance and recognize any deficiencies in the state’s plan for issuing True IDs. States will been provided time to proper any deficiencies recognized by DHS. After DHS decides that the condition fulfills the total prerequisites of the Act and utilizing regulation, DHS will challenge a Final Determination of Compliance to the condition.

Q. Can jurisdictions conference the standards of Actual ID go on to situation non-compliant Authentic ID driver’s licenses and identification playing cards?A. Certainly. Real ID enables jurisdictions to issue identification playing cards and driver’s licenses that are not in compliance with the prerequisites of the Act. Those licenses and identification cards, having said that, need to plainly state on their facial area and in the machine readable zone that the card is not suitable for official purposes.

Q. If my point out concerns an Improved Driver’s Licenses, is that sufficient for my point out to be Authentic ID compliant?A. State Increased Driver’s Licenses (EDL) designated as acceptable border-crossing files by DHS underneath the Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) are suitable for formal Federal reasons (i. e. , boarding a professional aircraft, accessing a Federal facility, or getting into a nuclear ability plant). Nonetheless the existence of an EDL is not enough to contemplate the state to be in in general compliance for intent of deciding irrespective of whether a Federal company may take a state’s frequent driver’s license for formal reasons. For case in point, a Federal agency could accept an EDL issued from a condition but not be able to take a standard driver’s license from that identical condition. Q. Why is DHS recertifying states by now determined to be compliant?A. DHS would make determinations that a point out is conference the least prerequisites of the Serious ID Act dependent upon certifications submitted by the condition to the Secretary of Homeland Protection.

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