Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Suicide on Hoover Dam Bridge Shines Light on Las Vegas’ Dirty Secret

Captured literally moments it in to police (Image: Francesca Bosco before she plunged to her death below, a passing tourist caught this final photo of Heather Price Papayoti and her taxi by accident and turned)

Beyond the endless glare for the bright neon lights and the sounds of slot machines, cocktail spectacles and sexy encounters, lies a much, much darker and grimmer reality in las vegas: a seldom-reported fact and one which many resort hotels walk out their means to keep out from the media is the particular range suicides committed in Las Vegas, sometimes following a final week-end of debauchery and with as much tragic motivations as life itself needs to offer. These suicides are never related to something that happened in nevada, mind you; but the town of Neon seems to represent to people that are many spot to see life off, for whatever reasons.

In reality, several studies have discovered that Las Vegas is the # 1 destination of choice for people to kill themselves into the U.S.

Hotels Do What They Can

Obviously, there ‘s no real way for resort hotels to stem this steady blast of lives lost, as generally speaking the deed is done from inside a college accommodation, with as many practices used as the reasons themselves for the suicides. The one thing resort hotels can and almost always do is make it extremely difficult to fling oneself from a hotel space window, however; either making them diffic (more…)

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