About Us


Sustainable development and conserved natural resources in Lebanon.


AFDC strives to achieve sustainable development and conserve natural resources, especially forests, through the implementation of the principles of integrated management and the building of technical and scientific capacities, advocacy and awareness in partnership with the local communities, and the public and private sectors.


AFDC is a Lebanese Nongovernmental organization with a mission to restore the Ramlieh forest after it was destroyed by fires in 1992.
The NGO was later recognized by the ministry of interior and was legally established in 1994 with a REGISTRATION #425/AD AMENDMENT #32/AD.

AFDC strives to achieve sustainable development and conserve natural resources all over Lebanon through our strategic goals on both institutional and programmatic levels:

• Improve board participation and commitment
• Increase the visibility of AFDC with all its activities
• Secure sustainable funding for the organization
• Reduce forest fire risk in Lebanon
• Conserve and sustainably manage Lebanon’s forest ecosystems
• Participate actively in reaching a state of land degradation neutrality
• Improve the livelihood of local communities while conserving the natural and cultural heritage
• Build local communities resilience to face natural and man-made hazards
• Build the knowledge of the public and raise awareness on environmental issues
• Push towards the implementation of the national forest strategy
• Contribute to the national efforts towards the amendment of the forest fire law
• Create a positive attitude towards the environment among young generations
• Position AFDC as a major reference in conservation and sustainable development
• Improve internal and public knowledge about best practices in AFDC working areas mainly the forestry sector

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